Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vandits are GO!!

Welcome to the church of VANDITS!!

Upon start up we're already 10 strong!! We have some cool things planned for this summer including a pig roast/show n shine/rock show/drive-in movie/party thing called VANTOPIA!!! We'll keep everyone updated as to which events we will be hitting this summer as well.

Our first order of business tho, is going to be putting together a compilation of Calgary bands doing "Vannin" covers. Any bands interested, email Here's the "rules":

1. It's gotta be a "vannin" cover, ie: stoner/metal/classic rock.
2. Each band is responsible for providing their own track(if you need an engineer, or a room to record, or both...I know a guy)
3. The idea is to hopefully get enough bands(we probably already do) that we could get away with charging a small fee to each band to press this onto disc in exchange for a handful of said discs to each band.
4. Deadline for tracks is Apr. 1/2013.

That's it for the first update...go "like" our Facebook page, chances are that will be updated more regularly than this blog, plus that's where all the hilarious and awesome van pics are gonna be!!!

Keep on rollin'!!

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